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No matter how
challenging complex heavy
it seems.

Many students do not have access to a personal laptop. In times of digitalization and homeschooling this can be particularly disadvantageous. Springboard supports young people from socially and economically disadvantaged backgrounds on their way into their professional life. The association offers advice and coaching for young people regarding their career choices through mentoring programs, career workshops and lectures. In addition, Springboard arranges more than 50 internships, apprenticeships and jobs each year. The aim is to provide unbureaucratic and rapid help and support for their mentees.

For Pitkowitz & Partners it was a matter of heart to donate four laptops to SPRINGBOARD. One of these laptops already has a new owner who is supported by the organization "Hands On". Zeinab is currently looking for a job or apprenticeship in the social sector.

We wish her all the best and keep our fingers crossed for her job search!

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