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Our client base is as diverse as the industries in which our clients operate. Whether market leader or market niche – Pitkowitz & Partners writes a success story in the most complex and largest cases on a national and international level. We stand by our clients as a reliable constant, even over the years, whether in litigation, arbitration or strategic consulting activities. Here you’ll find an extract from our practice:

Dr. Nikolaus Pitkowitz is acting as Sole Arbitrator, jointly nominated by the parties, in a Vienna International Arbitration Centre (“VIAC”) dispute arising out of payment guarantees issued by an international group in favour of an Austrian bank. The case involves complex and novel issues of contract law as well as procedural law. The value in dispute lies in excess of USD 100 million.

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The Dispute Resolution team is advising an international shareholder group as lead counsel in connection with a cross-border dispute regarding the client’s shares in companies owning drill ships including a 400 million plus arbitration under the Rules of ICC with its seat in New York and further disputes in New York, Brazil and the BVI.

Our team of very experienced lawyers was able to gain an outstanding interim victory by obtaining an interim award forbidding the opposing party to dispose over the disputed shares until a final ward is rendered. In addition, the team was able to achieve full success in an interim proceeding in which the opposing party demanded security for costs. As a result, a very favorable settlement of all pending disputes between the parties was achieved.

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Joint Venture and Post M&A

Pitkowitz & Partners is counsel for a Baltic financial institution in an international arbitration concerning a back-to-back transaction with an Austria-based bank. The case involves complex and novel jurisdictional and banking & finance law issues resulting from a cross-border, multi-party securities transaction. The arbitral tribunal followed the novel arguments of our team under applicable substantive Austrian law and rendered an arbitral award dismissing all claims asserted by the Austria-based bank.

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